Type- Examination of lifts

TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas provides the following services of Lifts Type Examination:

  • EC Type – Examination of lifts, according Annex Vb of the Lift Directive 95/16/EC.
  • Type – Examination of the Protection System against Unintended Car Movements away from the landing with the landing door and the car door not in the locked position (UCM-PS), according the European Standards EN 81-1 & 2:1998+A3:2009.

Generally, Type – Examination is the procedure whereby a Notified Body ascertains and certifies that a representative model of a lift (named the type) and its technical file satisfy the provisions of the Lift Directive.

The above described services are provided to companies that design and manufacture complete model lifts or UCM-PS systems.

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