Inspection of internal and external Playground

CREATORS FOR CERTIFICATION SERVICES (LTD) with the mother company TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas is an accredited Body by the National Accreditation System (ESYD) for the initial and periodic inspection of internal and external playgrounds. The inspection is being performed on the basis of the Greek legislation and international standards by experienced engineers.

More specifically, municipalities that have under their responsibility the external playgrounds, are obliged to have them periodically inspected, according to the valid legislation (MD 28492/2009 – Gazette Β’931/18.5.2009).

According to this legislation, the periodic inspection –every two years– of the external playgrounds by an Independent Accredited Body is obligatory, so that it is certified that standards and/or safety requirements, that rule the external playgrounds, are observed.

The inspection refers to the equipment, the ground, the fence and the area surrounding the external playground. Indicative inspection points are the observance of the distances between equipment and ground, the ground condition, the exposed foundations, the sharp edges, the missing parts, the structural integrity and the excessive tear of moving or not moving parts. Thus the safe stay of the children in the external playground is continuously assured, as any deviation from the standards or safety requirements (i.e. worn or dangerous equipment), that might put at a risk the children’s safety, means that the external playground can’t be certified. It is well noted that more than 700 accidents were recorded in external playgrounds in 2012 inI the Attica region only.

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