genral manager’s speech

With the increase in the demand for international quality systems as a main requirement for the adoption of products manufactured internationally and export and emphasis on the services of major contractors and subcontractors in large industrial projects and energy projects, fuel and gas came the need for companies specializing in this type of systems as a strong strategic partner contributes to raising the level of industry and address their problems through Experience accumulated across the border, hence arose the company of the creators of certification services as a house of expertise, which includes a large number of the most prominent experiences in this sector.

The company started its activities in Jordan in 2007 as a representative of TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS, and has extended its work to the Middle East region in more than 10 neighboring countries. It is now thanks to God and therefore the efforts of its employees are considered the pioneer in Jordan and neighboring countries in the administrative systems. , Lifting equipment and elevators, training and rehabilitation of professional professionals.

In addition to the growth of the company professionally and the increase in the number of its customers and the growth of social responsibility, the company did not spare the effort to provide services at nominal prices for charitable organizations, and training of new graduates, and contributed to the largest solar farm for the benefit of Syrian refugees in the camp Zaatari in Jordan, Specific and suitable prices.

The company is looking to deepen its strategic partnership with TUV AUSTRIA Group and expand its operations to the entire Middle East, which the company is counting on based on its global trained staff and its technical expertise in all fields.

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