About us

CREATORS FOR CERTIFICATION SERVICES (CCS) is inspection company offering a wide range of technical examinations, for various sectors, Good Inspection, land and sea, cargo, oil, cranes and accessories, industrial training, occupational safety.

CREATORS FOR CERTIFICATION SERVICES (CCS) Use the latest advanced technology and advanced equipment. All equipment used and meet the latest national standards are calibrated by accredited laboratories and national and international accreditations.

CREATORS FOR CERTIFICATION SERVICES (CCS) work sole repesantive for TüV AUSTRIA HELLAS in jordan see it as our obligation to fulfill the expectations of our customers with respect to kind and quality of our services.

Autonomy and impartiality are ultimate principles of our activities.

Our target is to generate sustainable profits, which will be used to further develop and safeguard our company.

Our company are committed to conducting our business in a socially and environmentally responsible and ethical manner. We recognize our responsibility to contribute positively to the community and society that support us.

Our economic success is based on the dedication and the performance of highly qualified and motivated experts, who are participating in the success of our Organization.

One of the fundamental values and the most important principles of TüV AUSTRIA Hellas is the contribution to the progress and prosperity of the society, a very important factor since it largely determines the long-term and sustainable business operation and success of the organization.

The adoption of these principles results to the development of a corporate culture that arises from the intention of TüV AUSTRIA Hellas to responsibly responsibly in all fields consisting important pillars of sustainable development, including the market, employees, society and environment.

Having assumed the role of a responsible ‘citizen’ towards society, continuously from 1994 till today, TüV AUSTRIA Hellas demonstrates it’s timeless interest and sensitivity concerning the respect for human values, society development, entrepreneurship support, preservation of Greek culture, continuous education, contribution to literature and arts and environmental protection.

With constant action and awareness, TüV AUSTRIA Hellas highlights its social character by involving its personnel through implementing its’ social program ‘Quality Actions’ that consists of organization’s actions of the Quality support as well as the Safety of Society, vulnerable Groups and Environment.